Last years delegates said:

" My understanding of gold is very much expanded by this central banking seminar

" This course exposed me to the intricacies of gold"

"I found the seminar extremely interesting and useful for all central bankers, the chairman and Mr. Milling-Stanley proved to be the right persons for their deep and detailed knowledge and enthusiasm, well done!!! "

"In my opinion this seminar was very creative and useful, it was a great pleasure to participate in your exclusive seminar"

" This course provided me opportunity to learn fundamentals of gold market and place/role of gold in foreign exchange reserves"

"This seminar was excellence and good for central bank in order to get views about gold market"

"This course is very important to me and because it helped me gain new knowledge and understanding on gold as important as reserve portfolio"

"I am excited for the next session, very high level advisors , speakers and great quality facility"

"Thank you very much for nice seminar provided to us, I obtained a lot of knowledge about gold from this seminar"


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